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WWE SmackDown would see DolphZiggler clash with Bobby Roode in A Hell in a Cell rematch. Roode won the last time they met even though he illegally held Ziggler’s tights during the count. Their fight was a huge mismatch between hype and performance. The fight was underwhelming but the fans would expect a better show […]

Ziggler & Mix To Team Up As Angry Men

Dolph Ziggler and Miz afre both looking forward to team up for a squad of discontent angry men. The news came on heels of Ziggler cutting the worked-shoot promo for WWE App after his last loss & Miz  coming up with grievances on a commentary cameo about non-reservation in a fight during Raw. Together, the […]

Alicia Fox Dating Wade Barrett

In recently emerging news from the WWE Universe, it seems that WWE Superstar Wade Barrett and WWE Diva Alicia Fox have been dating each other. Although it is being believed that the two have been together since late 2010, news of their relationship is just emerging. Although it is not new that two WWE Superstars […]