Alicia Fox Biography

Alicia Fox is a professional wrestler and model from the United States of America who is currently signed on by the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE where she is a part of their Smack Down brand. Fox’s real name is Victoria Elizabeth Crawford and she was born on the 30th of June, 1986 and prior to becoming a wrestler, she was an acclaimed model where she established herself under her real name. She was snapped up on a training contract by the WWE in 2006 and made her debut in the Ohio Valley Wrestling or the OVW which is known to be a development wing of the WWE where young and upcoming wrestlers are trained to perform on the professional stage. Later that year, Fox won the Women’s Championship in OVW but lost in the very next day and as a result, her one day reign as the Women’s Champion did not get recognition from the OVW. Alicia Fox moved to the Florida Championship Wrestling or the FCW which is another development territory of the WWE and there, she was a regular till 2009.

Her debut on Smack Down came in June 2008 where she began her life under the gimmick of a wedding planner. In November of that year, Fox made the move to ECW, which was at that time owned by the WWE and became the manager of DJ Gabriel. In April 2009, she was drafted back to Smack Down as part of the supplemental draft of the WWE but she was traded to RAW a couple of months later. She spent the rest of that year challenging for the WWE Divas Championship, albeit unsuccessfully. In May 2010, Alicia Fox briefly became the manager of Zack Ryder and in June 2010, she won her first WWE Divas Championship.

When the third season of WWE NXT began to be aired in late 2010, she appeared as a ‘pro’, mentoring the youngsters who were looking to make a mark in the WWE. In April of 2011, Fox was again drafted back to Smack Down by the annual supplemental draft of the WWE and she has been with the brand since then. With so many changes of brand throughout her career, Fox hasn’t had the continuity that she would like in order to develop a real situation where she could challenge for the title on a regular basis but after being offered a new contract, it is highly likely that we will see a lot more of Alicia Fox in the years to come.

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