Alicia At Recent WWE Event

A recent WWE main event that occurred showcases Alicia Fox in action along with others like Dana Brooke and other cruise weights.

The video that was made for the event kicked off with the usual signature of WWE. Alicia Fox was seen to enter with Dana Brooke. The event had Byron Saxton and Tom Philips is providing commentary.

In the fight between Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke the fight starts with the two fighters locking up. Fox backs Brooke and puts her in a corner. They lock up again. Brooke puts Fox against the ropes and Fox retaliates by kicking back. Fox then sends Brooke up against the ropes and Brooke blocks out Fox with his shoulder. The fight continues till Brooke has Fox pinned down. Finally, Brooke emerges victorious in this event.

The last event might not have ended in Alicia’s favor, but she has more going on for her than her involvement with WWE. She currently goes by the ring name of Alicia Fox but her real name is Victoria Elizabeth Crawford, who was born in June 30th, 1986.

She is known for her acting, wrestling and modeling skills. She is associated with the Raw wrestling brand. She debuted as Alicia Fox on SmackDown in 2008. In the following year she joined up as a wrestler in WWE Divas Championship. She won this championship in 2010 and held the title for a period of two months. This brought her acclaim as the first African American to hold the Divas Champion crown. She started to star in Total Divas, a reality series on E. Her wrestling debut was in 2006 when she took part in Ohio Valley Wrestling and won the women’s championship in this tournament. Here’s hoping that the lady fighter continues to do more wonders and her fans enjoy her talents in diverse campaigns.