720pHD – WWE RAW 12/19/11 Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix

Alicia Fox Movie Ranking: 4 / five

22 Responses to “720pHD – WWE RAW 12/19/11 Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix”

  1. Elijah Small says:

    That one match ended in under a minute and she pinned the divas champion
    the glamazon in under a minute which is literally impossible unless your
    name is alicia fox pa pa pa pa party indeed

  2. Wayne Colon says:

    That match was like 50 seconds lol props to 1 of ny favorite divas ever
    alicia fox

  3. Issac Gore says:

    Alicia gives Beth a black eye she turns into a jobber Beth basically ended
    Candice’s career and Broke Michelle’s nose and KO Torrie wilson and nothing
    happened to her 

  4. TheAirmike1 says:

    When I saw this I was like “What just happened.”

  5. Gabriel Simões says:

    What Alicia fox wins 4:15 impossible

  6. Deandre Campbell says:

    I was shock

  7. ronaldo cristiano says:

    alica fox is a good wrestler.now she lost some matches….why?why?

  8. collabbaby says:

    can u uplosad kelly vs beth tlc ?

  9. Mateusz Grund says:

    Beth Phoenix is so beaftiful i fight everytime with her in WWE´13

  10. NEPTXNE says:

    Someone told me recently that this match caused her downfall in the WWE
    because when she did the Officer Nasty, I think her heel clipped Beth in
    the eye and gave her a black eye which put her out of action for a little
    while and I think that Beth complained about it.

  11. Anthony Thompson says:


  12. Gert Plober says:

    The beginning of the end for Alicia Fox.

  13. DeMarcus Walton says:

    bell rang at 2:15 and ended at 3:02

  14. hotspot171 says:

    After this match…..was the start of alicia fox’s divas jobbing champion

  15. Melly Drejka says:

    Yeah, Alicia Fox is Awesome! Hey, who Hair is better, Red or Brown?

  16. Carlton Bartley says:

    WOW that was quick!! Alicia actually ended Beth in about 2 minutes! That is
    something that no Diva have done to “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix. Now YOU
    KNOW that Alicia Fox is gonna be the next challenger for the WWE Divas
    Championship at it might just take place at the Royal Rumble 2012.

  17. IgglyStuff says:

    Fox destroyed Beths face with that shin drop XD

  18. Mordecai Joshua says:

    A damn black eye and Beth complaining ruined foxy who was already and is
    still over with the crowd. The only reason why the fans jeered was because
    of the time limt. Which lead to Beth and Alicia fusing the slingshot
    reversal rope spot which in following caused Alicia fox to rush through her
    somersault leg drop which is very easy to botch. WWEreally screwed Alicia
    by giving her that damn finisher and that horrible face music. I feel bad
    for Alicia she was set up to fail I hope she gets another a

  19. UltraViolence says:

    I agree with you she deserves the Diva’s championship, she has been in WWE
    for a long time.

  20. AliciaFoxFan06 says:

    How come Eve and Kelly Kelly got title matches after beating Beth once. But
    Alicia doesn’t get one after beating her numerous times.

  21. AshleyFan87 says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Alicia I love her, I want her again as the champ!

  22. DeMarcus Walton says:

    alicia has a sexy button