Ziggler & Mix To Team Up As Angry Men

Dolph Ziggler and Miz afre both looking forward to team up for a squad of discontent angry men. The news came on heels of Ziggler cutting the worked-shoot promo for WWE App after his last loss & Miz  coming up with grievances on a commentary cameo about non-reservation in a fight during Raw.

Together, the dup could present most curmudgeonly team since Waldorf & Statler from The Muppets.

The very discontent wrestler seems to play really well with online crowd. It is said that commiseration is the basis of Online Wrestling Community.

Both Miz and Ziggler show up with similar sort of careers, hiking up to top only to tumble down violently into oblivion.

Miz headlined the WrestleMania 3 years back, beating down popular fighter Cena (John) in main event. On the other hand, Ziggler got a huge pop last year winning on World Heavyweight Championship in the match against Alberto Rio.

Unfortunately, both the fighters have fallen down since their respective remarkable feats.

It’s said that WWE is looking to book 2 wrongs to come up with one right. But both Miz & Ziggler’s career have been utterly mismanaged & getting them together would be the sharp reminder here.

Interestingly, it’s just a couple of weeks back, the two wrestlers were booked for face off battle at Cleveland. According to experts, neither career could be uplifted now & such an attempt would be too ambitious. Both Ziggler and Miz are the casualties of the faulty star-building plan by WWE where the promotion exhibits the tendency of being unable to stay committed to the tag squad of the erstwhile top stars.

The enhanced ring of tag squad division would offer Ziggler & mike the very hope of restructuring careers as some single unit.

BJ Penn will return to Nova Uniao

Having enjoyed a year of self imposed sabbatical, legendary Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC fighter BJ Penn is ready to return to the UFC Octagon and he is returning to his roots in preparation.

Penn is set to return to the UFC as a Featherweight with a match against Frankie Edgar, the man who took the UFC Lightweight Championship from him early next year.

It has already been announced that the two fighters will serve as opposing coaches on the hit television reality show The Ultimate Fighter before entering the UFC Octagon in the grand finale of the show, in all probability in Las Vegas sometime in May or June.

And according to Jose Aldo, the reigning UFC Featherweight Championship holder, BJ Penn will be going to their gym in January before going back to the United States for some personal reasons but he will return to the gym again and will undergo training with them and stay for the rest of the camp as well.

Aldo is currently a part of the fabled Nova Uniao gym, which was the home to the legendary Lightweight fighter during his early years as a Mixed Martial Artist and he also has a black belt with the gym.

It will also be the first time that Jose Aldo and BJ Penn will be training together and according to Scarface, there is absolutely no awkwardness about the prospect in spite of the fact that Penn is now a part of his 145 lbs weight category, a division he has dominated ever since it was introduced in the UFC after its merger with WEC or World Extreme Cage Fighting.

Aldo stated that he has been the Lightweight and Welterweight champion in his time and he has a lot to learn from Penn as well.