The WWE Diva division has suffered a setback with Alicia Fox suffering an injury during her tag team match on Raw against Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

According to WWE.com, Fox suffered a moderate concussion in the bout. No other information was provided on the injury or the length of time it might keep her out of action.

The injury seems to have taken place when Charlotte’s knee unintentionally hit Fox square on the head leading into a pinfall attempt.

WWE is ultimately giving the Divas more to do on television, resulting in more opportunities for a long mainstay in the division like Fox. She was the Divas champion before but was beginning to hit a solid stride lately.

Fox is not an exceptional wrestler, but depth is invariably crucial to WWE. It is even more fundamental heading into Summer Slam – the second-biggest pay-per-view of the year – in August. The unfortunate reality with concussions, even a moderate one, is there’s no specified timetable for it to get better.

‘Mayhem’ Miller Caught Fighting With Two Police Officers

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was caught red handed after a brawl took place in a restaurant at the Laguna Beach. He was fighting with two police officers. Complaint has been launched under the Orange County Superior Court which proclaimed that he did use violence, obstruction and arrest. Being 34 years of age he does face obstruction in the field of three. He also used battery on the officers.

On Tuesday afternoon he is expected to be at the court. He is in the custody and bail of $220,000 will be required. He caused chaos in the restaurant by breaking glass. The restaurant has been identified to be in the White House near the Laguna Beach. Officers were seen coming out of the restaurant after the incident took place and Miller also came out heading towards PCH by foot in the South. After that he again started to walk back towards the restaurant since that is where he met four officers.